Unicas (Unique vases, plates and figurines)

A Private Collection of Danish Porcelain

Focus on Uniques of the Art Nouveau

Bing&Gröndahl Unique Pieces



With Pietro Krohn working as the artistic director at Bing&Gröndahl from 1885 on, an new era began. Soon the influence of the Art Nouveau was obvious in the works. Besides production pieces the customers also requested for pieces that were not common but outstanding art pieces that exist only once.

Among the unique piece artists Effie Hegermann and Fanny Garde designed and generated some of the most outstanding pieces of their time.


Styled Art Nouveau Vase
Leaf Vase
Psychodelic Vase
Ingl. Sörensen - lily vase
Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris
B&G - Chrystal Glaze&Silver Mount vase
Enamel Glaze Vase
Large Seaweed Vase
Enamel Glaze Vase
Marine Life Vase
Achton Friis Urn
Crested Doves Vase
Enamel Glaze Vase
Carved Seaweed Vase
Art Nouveau Vase with blossoms leaves and gold
Art Nouveau Style Vase
Lidded Urn
Art Nouveau Style Vase
Maple vase
EHL - Crested Dove Plate
Crystalline Vase
FG - Flower Vase
Lidded Urn
FG - Bell Flower Vase
Grashopper and Fern Vase
Art Nouveau Style Vase
Large Planter
Tiger Vase
Heron Vase
French Ship Vase
Flower Vase by FG
Heron Vase
Small Seaweed Vase
Crystalline Glazed Vase
Maritime Lump
Effie Hegermann LIncencrone - Crackle Urn
Effie Hegermann LIndencrone - Mushroom bowl
H.P. Kofoed - Fish Charger
Fruit vase by FG
Art Nouveau Parfume Bottle
Art Nouveau Style Vase Lamp
FG - Fruit vase
Art Nouveau Style Vase
Art Nouveau Vase
FG - Flower bud vase
EDK - Mushroom Vase
Floral Vase
Floral vase
Art Nouveau Crackle Vase
Lemon tree vase
Pansy Vase 1
Effie Hegermann Flower Vase
Styled Art Nouveau Vase
Mountain Cocks Vase
Pansy Vase 2
Blossom Vase with Earthenware ground
Blossom and Earthenware Vase
Art Nouveau Style Vase
Blossom style vase
Lidded Vase with Idealized blossoms
Maple vase
Blossom Vase
Blossom Vase
Chinese Style/European Scene Vase

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