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Bing and Gröndahl Porcelain

The Porcelain Factory of Bing&Gröndahl was founded 15.04.1853 in Copenhagen Denmark. The founders were the sculptor Frederic Vilhelm Gröndahl and the merchant brothers Meyer Hermann and Jacob Hermann Bing.

The company soon got in competion to Royal Copenhagen and was one of the leading porcelain companies in the Art Nouveau in Europe.

Famous achievements:

- The Seagull Service by Fanny Garde

- The Heron Service by Pietro Krohn

- The first Christmas plate in 1895 by Augst Hallin

- Various successful exhibitions during the Art Nouveau Period

Since 1987 merges with the former Competitor Royal Copenhagen

Famous artists for B&G: Pietro Krohn (artistic director 1885-1905), Effie Hegermann-Lindencrone, Fanny Garde, Peter Dahl Jensen, Peter Kofoed and Elisabeth Drewes-Kofoed, Siegfried and Olga Wagner, F.A. Hallin and many others.

Stampmark B&G
Stampmark B&G
Town Plate Roskilde
Town Plate Odense

Subject:                    Town Plates Odense, Roskilde and


Date of Production:  1899 - 1902

Decorating Artist:      Effie Hegermann Lindencrone

Unique Number:       none

Diameter:                 24 cm

Height:                      3 cm

Motif:                        Town Symbols of Roskilde, Odense

                                 and Hilleröd


Town Plate Hilleröd
Stampmark B&G

Subject:                    Brass (Brass and copper) Stamp marks

Date of Production: After 1900

Unique Number:      none

Size item one:          47x33x7 mm

Size item two:          40x40x7 mm

Motif:                        "B&G Kjöbenhavn - Kongelig Hof

                                 Leverandör" and Bing & Gröndahl


Remarks:                  Possibly used to mark transport boxes,


Town Plate Roskilde
Town Plate Odense
Town Plate Hilleröd

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