Johannes Reesen Steenstrup

Johannes Reesen Steenstrup

Gert Johannes Resen Steenstrup, painter.  Born 24.04.1868 in Stubbekøbing, died 11/02/1921 in Copenhagen.

Parents: Master Johannes Resen S. and Johanne Bruun. Reesen Steenstrup was married 09/07/1898 in Sebber with Meta Kjeldsen, she was born 27.05.1878 in Valsted Farm, daughter of proprietary Alfred Valdemar Kjeldsen and Johanne Margrethe Rohde.

Johannes Resen Steenstrup concentrated on realistic animal paintings. He placed great emphasis on the portrayal of animal life in the various atmospheric situations and belongs thereby to the narrative animal painters whose popular subjects fell in a broad public taste. He found his subjects especially in the Danish landlife, but also liked to paint animals he met on his travels. The ability to reproduce a situation he has also exploited in a variety of illustrations, especially to children's stories.

He travelled to Italy 1908, 1911, 1914 and to Spain in 1914.

For a limited time he worked for Bing and Gröndahl and generated some very nice porcelain pieces.

Main information source: Kunstindex Danmark & Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon

Tiger Vase
Tiger Vase
Tiger Vase
Article "Kunst und Handwerk 1898"

Artist:                       Johannes Reesen Steenstrup

Date of Production: 1898

Unique Number:      34 (2D)

Height:                     52 cm

Diameter:                 29 cm

Motif:                        Tigers

Remarks:                  Vase was exhibited the first time at the

                                  "Kunstgewerbemuseum" in Berlin

                                  that started 26.04.1898 among others.

                                  Picture above from the magazine

                                  "Kunst und Handwerk" 1898.

                                  Vase is shown on page 229 of

                                  "Bing&Gröndahl Figurines" by Caroline

       and Nick Pope, Schiffer Books 2002