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Cathrine Zernichow

Cathrine Helene Zernichow was a painter. She was born 08.05.1864 in Moss, Norway and died 26.11.1942 in Copenhagen. Her parents was Captain, shipping magnate Frederick Jacob von der Lühe Zernichow and Elisabeth Mangor. Cathrine Zernichow stayed single.

Cathrine Zernichow was among those non married females who made her way with Royal Copenhagen and exercised her art. Zernichow painted preferably flower pictures, but also landscapes and children, images which she also used on porcelain, where the ability to artistically design rendering and composition, her work performed well. In a period Zernichow also performed pottery works with animal motifs and ornamentation.

Cathrine Zernichow was student of Laura Sarauw at the Academy Colarossi, Paris (R. Collin and G. Courtois) from 1887-88 afterwards at Vilhelm Kyhn for some years from the 1891 on. Zernichow traveled to  Lofoten 1880-81; Paris 1887-88, Germany 1904 1913; Italy 1911 1920; France (Pyrenees), Sicily 1926-27; Riviera 1928; Italy (Rome, Florence) in 1937; and besides that annual summer trips to Norway and Sweden for several years.

She was employed by the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory from 1905 until 1926.

Main information source: Kunstindex Danmark & Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon

Children Medallion Vase
Children Medallion Vase
Rose Vase
Rose Vase
Dancing Girls Vase
Tree Vase
Tree Vase
Girl Vase
Girl Vase
Children Medallion Vase

Artist:                       Catherine Zernichow

Date of Production:  June 1910

Unique Number:      10488

Height:                     50 cm

Diameter:                 21,5 cm

Motif:                        Vase with Children in medallions

Remarks:                 Art nouveau pattern, was used as a

                                 lamp base. Sold for 100 DKK.

Rose Vase

Artist:                       Catherine Zernichow

Date of Production:  02.11.1916

Unique Number:      none

Height:                     44 cm

Diameter:                 20 cm

Motif:                        Rose Vase


Artist:                       Catherine Zernichow

Date of Production: 1905-1922

Production Number: 645

Height:                     18,5 cm

Diameter:                 10,5 cm

Motif:                        Dancing girls under chestnut tree

Remarks:                  At the side signed "C. Zernichow",

                                 pierced. Pendant vase with boys.

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Tree Vase

Artist:                       Catherine Zernichow

Date of Production:  October 1914

Unique Number:      11616

Height:                     40 cm

Diameter:                 13,5 cm

Motif:                        Tree Vase

Remarks:                 Sold for 100 DKK

Girl Vase

Artist:                       Catherine Zernichow

Date of Production:  April 1905

Unique Number:      9192

Height:                     23 cm

Diameter:                 9 cm

Motif:                        Girl Vase with butterflies

Remarks:                 Sold for 75 DKK


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