Miss Visby

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Miss Visby

"Miss Visby, later Mrs. Krog. She was a blue painter at the Royal Copenhagen Manufactory from September 1885 until December 1890"

Information source: Lauritz Dorenfeldt - Kongelig Dansk 2, Blamalt porselen Frau Den kongelige Porcelainsfabrik 1820-1923.

Chinese Style Vase
Chinese Style Vase
Chinese Style Vase

Artist:                       Miss Visby

Date of Production: February 1889

Unique Number:      1087 and 1088

Height:                     30,5 cm

Diameter:                 13 cm

Motif:                        Vase withblue and white patters,

                                 flowers. Similar to Chinese style.

Remarks:                 Miss Visby signed with her blue painter

                                number 33



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