Harry Kluge

Harry Kluge

"Harry Axel Eduard Leondardt Kluge was a painter. He was born 19.11.1879 in Copenhagen and died 30.7.1963. His parents were painter master Ole Martin Kluge and Emma Bentine Larsen. Kluge married Jenny Petersminde on 17.7.1912 in Copenhagen. She was born 16.4.1885 and died on 27.12.1931. She was the daughter of mason Jens Søren Petersminde and Maria Catherine Joensen.


In 1910 Harry Kluge was hired as an underglaze painter at Bing & Grondahl, where Christian Benjamin Olsen worked as a marine painter. During his two terms of employment, Kluge attracted the attention of his naturalistically drawn ships and marines on vases and plates that were in demand as gifts on official occasions. In his independent artistic work, Kluge painted many maritime motives, but also landscapes and individual portraits. However, his initial interest seems to have been in the topographical depictions and architectural images. Characteristic of Kluge is the large number of small canvases with motifs from the Port of Copenhagen and Christianshavn. There is a nostalgic mark on Kluge's work, which is emphasized by the yellow-gray / yellow-brown patina he made over the naturally-drawn motifs. It forms the backdrop for his experiments with natural and artificial light effects.


Kluge was educated in forging at the technical school in 1897. Then he was educated as a lithographer.

Kluge was employed as marine painter at Bing & Grondahl 1910-15, 1920-25.

Scholarship: Benny Claudi-Pedersen 1921."

Main information source: Kunstindex Danmark & Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon

Winter Landscape
French Ship Vase

Artist:                       Harry Kluge

Date of Production: 1915 or 1920-25

Unique Number:      191

Height:                     5 cm

Diameter:                 32,5 cm

Motif:                        Winter Landscape with tree