Charlotte Frimodt

Charlotte Frimodt


"Charlotte Frimodt was a painter. She was born 28.06.1862 in Copenhagen and died 05.02.1950 in Copenhagen. Her parents were Vicar Jens Chr. Rudolph Frimodt and Sophie Magdalene Clausen. Charlotte Frimodt stayed single.

Charlotte Frimodt has painted numerous flower pictures, but the Danish landscape and architecture painting had particularly her interest, especially old houses, castles and manors. Some interior bill manager, notably church interiors, shows her skills in this area. Both in watercolor and oil, she has worked with motifs of the architecture, landscape or flowers form a harmonious whole. She has also performed merchandizing at City Hall during Jens Møller-Jensen.

She learned flower painting at Anthonore Christensen; also painted with C. M. Soya-Jensen and Charlotte Sode; Kunstakad. Copenhagen (Viggo Johansen) 1892- 96.

During his active time he travelled to Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, northern Italy, Sweden and Finland..

Charlotte Frimodt was signing artist at the RoyalCopenhagn Porcelain Factory from 1904-05."

Information source: Kunstindex Danmark & Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon

Flower  Vase
Flower  Vase
Flower  Vase

Artist:                       Charlotte Frimodt

Date of Production:  September 1904

Unique Number:      8986

Height:                     22 cm

Diameter:                 12 cm

Motif:                        Flower Vase

Remarks:                 Was sold for 50 DK