Nils Munk Plum

Nils Plum


"Nils Munk Plum was a painter. He was born 13.05.1878 in Frederiksgave and died in January 1959. His parents were Veterinarian Carl August Frederik Plum and Dagmar Langkilde. He was married with the painter Dagmar Rasmussen on 05.13.1888 in Copenhagen. She was the daughter of the house owner Hans Peter Hjelm Rasmussen and Anna Hansen.

Niels Munk Plum was hired under the management of Arnold Krog at the Royal Copenhagn Porcelain Factory where he started with underglaze painting. He concentrated on the naturalistic landscape painting that was his particular area. In addition, he worked with graphics, special etchings. From 1931 he worked as a painting conservator and as such was particularly engaged in various manors.

Plum visited the Technichal  School 1896; Student and Staff by Anton Rosen and Valdemar Andersen (including by Land Exhibition, Odense 1900 and Land Exhibition, Aarhus 1909); Furthermore Staff. of different architects until 1911; education as painting conservator at Winkel & Magnussen 1931.

During his active time he travelled to Hamburg and Berlin 1905.

Plum as signing artist at the RoyalCopenhagn Porcelain Factory from 1912-31; painting conservator at Winkel & Magnussen from the 1931 on."

Information source: Kunstindex Danmark & Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon

Landscape Vase
Landscape Vase
Landscape Vase

Artist:                       Nils Munk Plum

Date of Production:  16.01,1927

Unique Number:      none

Height:                     50 cm

Diameter:                 26,5 cm

Motif:                        Landscape Vase with trees