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A Private Collection of Danish Porcelain

Focus on Uniques of the Art Nouveau

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Important Notes

  • This site is from a private collector
  • Intention is to document and display
  • No commercial interest
  • Collectors with the same interest highly welcome
  • If you need information on a piece you own please send photos via email
  • Will inform from time to time on exhibitions and news from the collectors world

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Home Address: Somewhere in Germany

                         "....behind the seven hills...."


Remark: Issues with Contact form. Corrected on 31.07.2016

Thanks to Mrs. Kobayashi from the Mitsui Museum and Ms. Atsuko Yamaguchi from the Gifu Museum for their efforts and time!

ATTENTION - Highly Recommended !!!

Museum of Danish AMERICA

Art Nouveau Innovation: Danish Porcelain from an American Collection

02.10.2020 - ??.04.2021

Important Exhibition Start in the USA showing important parts of the collection of a collector friend in the USA.

Special Thanks

Prof. Dr. E.T.R. for sharing his incredible expertise about our collection items and further deep diving into the world of Danish Art Nouveau. Greetings to the United States of America: The community is looking forward to read your book.

Prof. Dr. Hiroyoshi Shiokawa for his detail knowledge and never ending efforts to investigate, find "new old" items and being the bridge between the motherland of Art Nouveau and Europe

Lars Christoffersen for his work, information, friendship and feeding our addiction

Mr. Stefan B. for introducing me to the world of art nouveau porcelain and sharing his views

Markus Dimdahl for his expertise on Rörstrand Porcelain and kind advice as well as his book on Rörstrand porcelain. An incredible resource for information on Rörstrand.


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