Hans Flygenring

Hans Flygenring

"Hans Flygenring was a painter. He was born 30.09.1881 in Ronne and died 13.06.1958 in Copenhagen. His parents were Painter Harald Sonny Flygenring and Johanne Caroline Zachariassen. Flygenring married Margit Spangenberg on 06.24.1921 in Christiania (Oslo) . She was born 19.11.1888, daughter of grocery Osmund Spangenberg and Elina Horn. Divorce 02.06.1942. 2nd marriage with nurse Gunhild Kathrine Andersen on 04.07.1942 in Ronne. She was born 08.06.1900 in Ronne and died 1989 in Copenhagen. Gunhild was the daughter of producer Jens Michael Andersen and Karen Elmine Kristine Larsen. Divorced.

Hans Flygenring worked in his painting in continuation of the artistic tradition from the second half of the previous century, often with a slight backward and historical-topographical base. The influence of Rohde is visible in in the bright, impressionistic brushwork that characterizes his portraits. Journey to Algiers in 1913 was of great importance for his further artistic development, though he liked the depictions of pictures of urban environments such as Ronne, often reverted to a more archaic idiom. As an employee at The Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Flygering worked especially according to the tradition of the teacher Arnold Krog and performed a variety of the painting decorations of vases and bowls, often with motifs taken directly from his painting.

Artists free Study School  (Johan Rohde) 1907-11; student of Ernst Goldschmidt in 1918; first student in the glaze paint, since employed by Arnold Krog 1902-18.

During his active time Flygering travelled to Finland in 1907; Italy in 1913; Holland, Belgium, Germany, Algiers 1914, 1916, 1918; living in Norway 1920-27; Sweden in 1922; Italy in 1933; Czechoslovakia, Germany and Holland before 1940.

Hans Flygering was employed by the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory, Copenhagen. 1902-17; artistic director of the Porsgrund Porcelain, Norway 1920-27...."

Main information source: Kunstindex Danmark & Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon

Fisherboat vase
Fisherboat vase
Fisherboat vase

Artist:                       Hans Flygenring

Date of Production:  April 1914

Unique Number:      11536

Height:                     30 cm

Diameter:                 25,5 cm

Motif:                        Boat with fisherman

Remarks:                 Was sold for 150 DKK