Ove Larsen

Ove Julius Larsen

"Ove Julius Larsen was a painter. He was born 15.11.1889 in Copenhagen and died 2.10.1945 in Fredriksberg. His parents were machine manufacturer Julius Larsen and Anne Marie Cathrine Nielsen. On 28/02/1919 he was married with Alvilda Olga Christiane Schou, born 17.09.1890 in Charll.,died 08/19/1962 She was the daughter of maler Jacob Theodor Schou and Christiane Caroline Lund.

Ove Larsen gave its significant efforts during his second term at Bing & Grondahl. His decorative coloring of Jean Gauguin late stoneware sculptures can be emphasized. In 1938 he began working closely with Sadolin, where he took advantage of the new black underglaze color that was found in the late 1930's, to reproduce this artist's pen drawings. He painted also by their own compositions, for example. imaginative landscapes that because of his brilliant brushwork and color option for many forms reminiscent of Chinese ink painting.

Employed by Bing & Grondahl 1918-22 and 1927- 45."

Main information source: Kunstindex Danmark & Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon

Chinese Style/European Scene Vase
Chinese Style/European Scene Vase
Chinese Style/European Scene Vase

Artist:                       Ove Larsen

Date of Production: 1927 - 1945

Unique Number:      none

Height:                     32 cm

Diameter:                 15 cm

Motif:                        Chinese Style Scene

Remarks:                  Most probably after 1935. See also

                                 table 88 in Erik Lassens "En

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